Conveyor belts – individualised conveyor technology

What makes our conveyor belt special is that we give each one individually exactly the characteristics, the performance and the flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements. With our know-how gained from 50 years of Esband development and a broad spectrum of realised solutions, we are well equipped to take on any task: A very wide range of possible combinations of carrier material and coating open up the many and varied related areas of use, and enable customers’ individual wishes to be fulfilled – be it in paper handling, food transportation, weighing technology or in bulk goods and cargo applications. Of course, this also includes timing belts and multi-V belts.

Conveyor belts

Our conveyor belts are as unique as our customers’ requirements.

For paper processing and paper handling, Esband provides light or extremely elastic, particularly ozone-resistant, very tear-resistant or low-stretch belts, depending on what’s required. Typical uses: Printing machines, copiers and scanners, cashpoint machines and ticket machines, paper and cardboard processing machines.

Esband enables foodstuffs to be processed and packed gently. The belts are suitable for use with foodstuffs in line with the FDA/BGA standard, are easy to clean, temperature-resistant, and are variable in terms of elasticity, flexibility and their friction coefficient. Typical uses: Blade edges, transfer stations, packing machines, cheese-making machines, baking lines.

Esband makes weighing technology perfect: Thanks to absolute homogeneity over the entire length (also in terms of weight), exact adaptation in the coating and stretch behaviour, special cuts and slideway coatings. Typical uses: For light bulk goods and cargo, dynamic scales, blade edges, narrow bending radii.

Bulk goods and cargo
Esband perfectly transports many different bulk goods and cargos of all weight classes thanks to precisely configured friction coefficients, ideal stretch behaviour, guide webs, holes for vacuum transport etc. Typical uses: Fixed axis spacings, blade edges, slider bed, vacuum transport.

Conveyor belts
The right belt for your needs too:

• Whether with a high friction coefficient for good grip or a low friction coefficient for accumulation operation.
• Whether for use as a vacuum belt or for running over blade edges.
• Whether for applications with chemicals or extreme temperatures (-60° to +280°C).

ESBAND has a solution for almost any problem.

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