Drive belts – perfect force transfer

An particularly outstanding characteristic of our drive belts is that they perform tasks where others fail: On the smallest bending radii or when there is repetitive bending. This is possible because we manufacture drive belts that have uniform elongation values, tensile strengths and thickness tolerances over their entire length. Being so homogeneous and without weaknesses, in the production process they guarantee high precision, low vibration and low noise.

Normally, our drive belts are comprised of a polyester or Kevlar tension member and a coating of NE or PU on one or both sides. Depending on the version, this enables us to meet both extreme (breakout force up to approx. 8000 N per cm endless) or filigree (smallest pulley diameter approx. 6 mm) requirements. These belts are available in the lengths 180 – 4800 mm (NE) and 200 – 5400 mm (PU).

Drive belts

Frequent bending cycles or the smallest bending radii – both are possible with Esband!

Angle drive
The angle drive is the ideal solution for non-parallel rotary axes.

Cross drive / half-cross drive
Cross drives or half-cross drives are the ideal solutions for when the running direction changes.

Multiple-shaft gear drives
We supply efficient drive belts with a long service life for multiple-shaft gear drives with high bending frequencies and power split.

Spindle drives
Our spindle belts and tangential belts for the textile industry are designed for the smallest bending radii and high belt speeds.

Light drive (up to approx. 2.5 kW)
For light drives, we supply belts that run very precisely, are abrasion-resistant, flexible and anti-static, have precisely configured friction coefficients and guarantee good grip. Typical uses: Fast drives, office machines, domestic and DIY appliances, sanding machines, saws, testing machines, spinning machines, winding machines and textile machines.

Medium-duty drive (up to approx. 15 kW)
For medium-duty drives we supply belts that run very precisely, are abrasion-resistant, quiet, low-stretch and antistatic, and guarantee a good grip. They are ideal for use in moisture-deficient environments. Typical uses: Fast drives, timber processing machines, floor cleaning machines, DIY appliances, sanding machines, machine tools, textile machines and construction machines.

Heavy drive (up to approx. 60 kW)
For heavy drives we supply belts with a good grip that also run-neutral and low-stretch, and that have good pulling performance. Typical uses: Balancing and construction machines, eccentric presses, timber processing machines, fan drives, mills and grinders, engine test stands, turbine drives, hydroelectric power plants and testing machines.

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