Belts for the food industry

Separator belts for product separation …

The Esband separator belts combine unique materials with many years of experience and know-how of Schlatterer. Due to the high quality they are perfect for applications in the food industry, especially for the separation process of meat, poultry, h and vegetables as well as recycling. Quite often, technical details in the production process make the difference and ensure success. Our belts make a sign cant contribution to this because of their exibility, smooth running performance and long-lasting lifetime. The Schlatterer concept also includes the profound support of our customer-oriented service.


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Specific properties:
• wear-resistant coating
• stable, resistant belt structure
• easy belt cleaning
• temperature-resistant up to 80º C
• very good resistance to oils and greases
• long-lasting
• sealed edges

Production dimensions:
Length 1300 – 3000 mm, width 150 – 300 mm, Thickness 10.0 – 17.0 mm

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Endless weighing and food belts …

Esband brings weighing technology to peak perfection as our belts are truly homogeneous over their entire length (including weight), with exactly adapted coating and
elongation characteristics, special surface finishes and low-friction covers on the running side.

Typical applications:
• Weighing devices for light-weight bulk materials and unit loads
• Dynamic weighing machines
• Blade edges
• Small bending radii

For more Information about our product range of weighing and food belts see our information brochure food belts.