Slow down belts

By using Esband slow down belts you can be assured that your print sheets will be slowed down safely and precisely.
What makes them even more special is the endlessly manufactured base material without any junction and the fact that they are proven to be durable and reliable in every situation.

▪ high-quality materials
▪ smooth running performance
▪ long service life
▪ high tear resistance
▪ longitudinal stability
▪ high-end and precise special processing
▪ excellent running characteristics on curves

Take a look at our sample brochure with ten exemplary tape types.

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More transport and machine belts for Pfor the paper industry

For paper processing and paper handling Esband offers belts with various degrees of elasticity, high ozone-resistance, high breaking strength or low elongation, based on your requirements.

Typical applications:
• Printing machines
• Copiers and scanners
• Cash dispensing and ticket issuing machines
• Paper and cardboard processing machines

You can get further Information in our brochure machine belts & paper transport.

ISO 14001
ISO 9001
Known consignor

Known consignor

Since 15.05.2013, Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG has held the status of “known consignor”. This certification was issued by the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation (Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA)). This proves that our air freight is defined as “safe” even under the stricter safety regulations that apply. The advantages to our customers are: No higher costs, no delivery delays, no loss of quality!

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