Belts for the packaging industry

Vacuum timing belts for vertical form-fill-seal machines …


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The vacuum timing belts are coated with high quality materials in a truly endless way, without seam or splice.

Galerie Schlauchbeutelmaschinen

Specific Features:
• high functional reliability due to a high and consistent coefficient of friction
• high service life due to high wear resistance
• individual solutions possible by choice of different materials and almost unlimited special processing

Do you have concrete requirements?
Use our Esband_VFFS-Specsheet to send us your information. Our sales staff is happy to assist.

Belts for paper straw production …

Belts for paper straw production
Reduce belt exchanges, increase lifetime. Be sustainable with Esband.
The basic drinking straw made of polyethylene or polypropylene has been banned on the market since 2021. The ecological alternative: paper straws. Esband tube winder belts are perfectly suited for the production of the straws as they are manufactured from an endless base material and therefore have no junction and prove to be durable and reliable in every situation. Furthermore, our transparent material does not cause any abrasion on your final product. But this is not the only positive side effect – by reducing the belt exchanges and increasing the lifetime of the belts
n comparison to other regular processing belts, our Esband tube winder belts will also make a positive contribution to the environmental balance.

• endless base material
• smooth running performance
• long service life
• tear-resistant and longitudinal stability
• constant high friction
• high abrasion resistance

Areas of application
• paper straws
• any other kind of paper or
cardboard straws like e.g. toilet paper rolls, kitchen rolls, rolls for industrial packaging

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