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News from and about Schlatterer. Here you will find what we regard as the most important news items.

In January 2021, the time has come: Goodbye Alt-Ulmer-Straße – Vohenstein we are coming!

The construction work is nearing completion and preparations for the move are in full swing: in a few weeks we will be relocating our headquarters and the production area of our drive and conveyor belts to our newly built factory in the industrial area “Vohenstein “. Starting from 1st January 2021, our general address will be Robert-Bosch-Str. 9, 89542 Herbrechtingen.


Foam Rollers

The ESBAND Foam Rollers are typically used in the cardboard production process, where they serve as downholder when piling cardboard. One shaft contains up to 40 rollers, which means that the rollers have to be lightweighted and also need to have a high coefficient of friction to cardboard. Rollers made of compact PU do not meet these requirements because of their weight. Therefore, the ESBAND Foam Rollers consist of a lightweighted foam core bonded with a wear resistant polyurethane coating.

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