Our special solution for the highest quality and hygiene

Esband always offers endless possibilities! The result of tireless expert work is a belt for transporting hygiene articles (e.g. diapers, pads, etc.).

Our belt for highest hygiene

Our belt for highest hygiene

Our customer’s requirements in this case were primarily directed at the surface of the belt. It had to have a relatively soft and easy-to-clean carrying side, dirt and glue had to have little or no adhesion.

The Esband solution now consists of three different layers of material in different degrees of hardness:

  1. The running side of the belt is made of a thermoplastic elastomer to guarantee stability and abrasion resistance.
  2. An intermediate layer of SPU foam ensures the required softness of the belt and cushions the transported products.
  3. The foam is coated with silicone, an easy-to-clean material to which even adhesive does not stick.
Hygienic belt close up

Close up of the special processing

Other special features of the belt include the special processing of the carrying side. This enables the belt to have a high flexural strength despite its thicker layer and even with smaller circumferences. On the other hand, a guiding ridge has been attached to the running side for precise belt guidance.

The combination of the materials and the special processing results in a product of the highest quality and reliability. This will now be on display at the JEC World Composites Show & Conferences 2024 from March 5th to 7th as part of an AFBW exhibition.