Drive belts

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Machine basic data ...

Type of machine:
Belt dimensions (LxBxD) in mm:
No. of belts:
New designExisting drive

Pretensioning ...

Pretensioning by:

Shortening of the belt length as a percentage, given a fixed axis spacing
Tensioning rail
Motor rocker
Tensioning roller

Performance data ...

No. of shafts:
Power P in KW:
oderTorque M1 in Nm:
ø driving pulley d1 in mm:
maximum permissible pulley width s1 in mm:
Speed n1 in rpm:
Axis spacing e in mm:
Adjustable by (mm):
ø driven pulley d2 in mm:
maximum permissible pulley width bs2 in mm:


Pulley design

driving: Shape No.:
driven: Shape No.:
Height of curvature h in mm:

External influences ...

Temperature resistance in °C:+ -

Is the belt operated outdoors?


Please tick as appropriate ...

Zutreffendes bitte ankreuzen

Open driveCrossed drivea) horizontalb) angledc) verticalvertical shaftsAngle driveHalf-cross drive leftHalf-cross drive rightRider driveTensioning roller, insideTensioning roller, outsideFour-spindle driveTriangular driveReversing driveMulti-pulley driveDeflection driveHalf-cross with guide pulleyCone drive open
a) with guide rollers
Cone drive, crossed b) with guide forkTwin driveStepped pulleyOscillating shafFixed and loose pulley

Contact information ...

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Known consignor

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