Compliance check – we know with whom we are doing business with

Lawful Conduct is the basis for credibility and creates trust. Therefore, the Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG ensures legal certainty in terms of checking the sanctions lists.

All business contacts are being checked on a regular basis with a special software regarding the EU and the US government sanctions lists. This software scans the business partner at an early stage before shipping the goods in order to check countries subject to embargos as well as the end usage of the goods. Besides, the responsible persons will be advised of potential violations of the export control regulations. The contact will only be released if there are no legal concerns.

The systematic process of the software offers the advantage that no financial means or commercial resources will be available for listed individuals. Due to the system-supported assistance it is possible to handle the permanent changes of the lists efficiently.

The systematic sanctions list checking has a substantial advantage for all customers, as they can be sure that the Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG is only in contact with inoffensive business relationships. Therefore, we can assure you to be your reliable Partner!