Tapes for the filter production

For the special application in the filter production Esband offers endless garniture tapes with special coatings or made of specially designed materials. Benefit from our expertise as a reliable partner for the tobacco industry since many years.

Tapes for non wrapped filter production

For the production of non wrapped filters we have specially designd monofil types. It is not the coefficient of friction but rather the air passage that plays an essential role here.

Tapes for the general filter production

Especially developed coating materials ensure the optimum coefficient of friction and guarantee a smooth production process. In order to identify the perfect tape for your filter paper and application, try out our new Esband selftester. It has never been easier to check the coefficient of fricition. The Esband selftester enables you to selftest your filter paper to the different coatings of the garniture tapes in order to find the most suitable tape. Additionally, we offer to analyse your filter material in detail and recommend  the perfect endless tape for your needs. Find out more at Esband Selftester.