Foam Rollers

The ESBAND Foam Rollers are typically used in the cardboard production process, where they serve as downholder when piling cardboard. One shaft contains up to 40 rollers, which means that the rollers have to be lightweighted and also need to have a high coefficient of friction to cardboard. Rollers made of compact PU do not meet these requirements because of their weight. Therefore, the ESBAND Foam Rollers consist of a lightweighted foam core bonded with a wear resistant polyurethane coating.

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  • High abrasion-resistant coating
  • High service life through significantly improved adhesion of the wear protection
  • Various colors possible, thus visual indication when wear protection is exhausted
  • Individual dimensions and / or recesses possible
  • Very low density

Areas of Application

  • Foam Rollers for paper / cardboard production
  • Various buffer or pressing applications with similar principles

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