Reducing pollutants – new manufacturing process for NE belts

Better characteristics – better for the environment

By introducing the new manufacturing process for NE belts, Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG has set a major objective: maximum reduction of pollutants – in order to protect the environment as well as our employees.

And the best part is that the newly produced belts will not only keep up with the current characteristics, but they will rather improve with the new manufacturing process!

Even though we will use a slightly softer base material, the belts will offer you significant advantages in comparison to the previous one due to its modern material formulation:

  • higher tear resistance and ultimate elongation, therefore also
  • higher bending frequencies possible
  • higher abrasion resistance
  • higher coefficient of friction

Our new NE belts show remarkable results – especially on drive applications. This has also been confirmed by several well-known OEMs who tested the belts beforehand.

Further information on how the process changeover affects the standard surface treatment and a comparison of the previous and future coating material can be found here in our customer information “Reducing pollutants – New manufacturing process for NE belts